Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language to Adults Online

Satisfied students since 2003. My students range in background and motivation from college students to government employees, from business people to descendants of native speakers, from travelers interested in Arabic culture to curious US citizens. I am uniquely qualified by natural ability, academic training and experience to lead you through the process of learning Arabic. I teach Arabic's rich capability for expression and help you discover the logic of its grammar rules. Arabic is the only language taught here. It is my passion. Come learn Arabic with me.

– Sherif Shabaka, Director and Primary Instructor

Make More Progress in Less Time

Arabic made easy. …well as easy as possible, as you learn a new alphabet and an entirely new way to write. Comprehend, speak, read and write Arabic in less time than you think. Learning Arabic here (regardless of which level you choose), you will progress faster than you would anywhere else. Really.

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Give it a try. Sign-up and attend the first class. If you decide after the first class that you don't want to continue, then you can get a full refund of the tuition you paid at registration

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