About Al-Madrasah and Sherif Shabaka

About Al-Madrasah

Al-Madrasah is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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What We Do

We teach Modern Standard Arabic courses to adults.

According to student interest, Modern Standard Arabic is supplemented with information about the Arabic spoken in Egypt, especially Cairo.

Arabic Courses for Special Purposes

In addition to our classes on the Arabic language, we can arrange to provide specialiized instruction to an individual or group for special purposes.

  • Conversational Arabic
  • Grammar
  • Arabic Calligraphy "KHATT -- الخط العربي"
  • Colloquial Arabic of Cairo
  • Tajweed (reciting Quran)

Special Related Services on Request

Al Madrasah also can provide assistance to higher education researchers and other professionals regarding Arabic language. Please contact us for any other language services that you require related to Arabic.

About Sherif Shabaka

Sherif has been teaching Arabic in the Boston area with great reviews from his students. He is a part-time lecturer in Arabic Language at Brandeis University and is uniquely qualified by natural ability to provide a superior learning experience.

He started this school because he loves working with the language of Arabic and is thrilled to help people to learn it.

Sherif has developed the curriculum for Al-Madrasah classes. In addition to his innovative ways of explaining Arabic grammar rules, he incorporates movie clips and other supplemental materials. He uses the following textbooks: Arabic for English-Speaking Students (by Muhammad Abdul-Rauf), Al-Kitaab (Georgetown Univ. Press,Washington, DC), and Mastering Arabic (Hippocrene Books, New York).

Click here to learn more about Sherif's philosophy regarding teaching and learning Arabic.

Students have reported that they learned more from Sherif in an 8-week session than they did in a whole year at Harvard Extension Arabic 1. In April 2009, Sherif Shabaka took a class of beginners with no knowledge of Arabic and had them reading Arabic in the space of one (intensive) weekend. He is very good at engaging students and helping them to make serious progress.

Sherif lived in Cairo, Egypt for the first 36 years of his life. He further developed his natural ability with Arabic through the following coursework.

Check Sherif's resume for more details on his professional experience.

2007–2010  Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, American University of Cairo; Master's Program.

1990–1993  Faculty of Arabic and Islamic studies, Al Azhar University; studied Arabic language grammar, Sharia law, Islamic law history, Feqh, Seerah, Hadith, and Qur’an sciences.

1991–1992  Faculty of Dar El Uloum, Cairo University ; studied Arabic language grammar
and poetry.

1991           Bachelor of Science – Ainshams University School of Commerce, Cairo, Egypt