Mr. Shabaka's comprehensive knowledge of the Arabic language and grammar along with his love of the language and of teaching make studying with him an exciting and rewarding experience. He is patient and works hard to meet students' individual needs. The classes are well-structured, but also informal and fun.”

“I found Sherif to be constantly flexible and attentive to students' learning needs.”

Sherif provides a unique approach to teaching students Arabic. His command of both the Arabic and English Language place him well to explain grammatical, phonetical and cultural assimalies in the languages. He reinforces textbook material with practical examples which the student can easily relate to and understand.”
Dr. Atiqul Baree

From Class Evaluations

The professor [Sherif Shabaka] displayed a clear enthusiasm and passion for teaching and the Arabic language and culture itself. He constantly encouraged students to work hard and excel in class, and was genuinely interested in what students had to say during discussions. He showed remarkable patience in class, as there were many different levels of Arabic comprehension represented in class.”

“The pace was fast enough, and everything in the chapters was covered well. Class discussions were intellectually stimulating.”

Sherif definitley has enthusiasm for Arabic and that helps the class substantially. He is also very easy going and supportive of the students and makes himself readily available when they need help.”

Professor Shabaka was very interactive with the students individually and collectively.”

“I have studied several languages and at this point am pretty fussy about my teachers. I would not have taken this class unless Sherif were an excellent, effective instructor. His explanations of grammar were clear and helpful.

“Also after just a few classes, to my delight, I could already read.

“I highly recommend Al Madrasah to all those interested in studying Arabic!”
Kristin H.

Mr. Shabaka is very adaptable as a teacher. He incorporates students' suggestions into his teaching so that they get the most out of the class. He will meet you where you are. He helps you develop your skills in grammar and in any type of vocabulary that interests you. He clearly loves the Arabic language and is dedicated to seeing his students succeed.”
Autumn Allen, Ed.M.

From Class Evaluations

PROFESSOR WAS AMAZING. always engaging, helpful, funny, available, understanding, etc.”

Professor Shabaka was extremely enthusiastic and wonderful throughout the course. He always stimulated our interest and passion about the Arabic language, and shared with us many anecdotes and cultural aspects which helped us understand the Arabic language in a broader more wholesome sense.”

“Homework assignments were good. Also instructor was knowledgeable in English and very knowledgeable in grammar constructs.”

The professor's energy and entertaining stories really made the class enjoyable. There was a little too much distraction at the beginning of the course, but toward the end there was a good balance between crowd control, working, and taking breaks in class. The instructor's knowledge of English was really helpful in understanding Arabic.”