Sherif Shabaka is teaches Arabic with passion

Intensive Course of Study to Learn Arabic in the Summer

In one summer of Arabic you can develop sufficient mastery of Arabic to study or live abroad in an Arabic-speaking country. We invite you to master Arabic with us in one of the 2 programs we offer:

  • Intensive Course for Beginners
  • Intensive Course for Intermediate Students

We enforce a small class size (no more than 12) for an intimate and optimum setting for learning a language.

Summer Intensive Arabic Course for Beginners

People come to this class with little or no knowledge of Arabic and finish after eight weeks with the ability to read, write and speak Arabic at an intermediate to advanced level. People who have completed the Intensive Program are able to read with comprehension and conduct conversations with native speakers. They can travel with the confidence that they can communicate in Arabic, read signs, and Arabic newspapers. Some students are even able to conduct conversations about abstract topics like politics, economy or even global warming.

This course is the most comprehensive, the most focused and the most thorough. Everything is explained in both Arabic and English through weeks one and two. In the third week we will give more attention to how we can gear our conversations towards more and more Arabic including instructions and student’s questions and comments. You will learn many techniques that will help you speak Arabic exclusively. Starting the fourth week, the only language spoken in class is Arabic.

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Summer Intensive Arabic Course for Intermediate Students

People come to this class with basic ability to read, write, and speak Arabic. After eight weeks, they finish with the ability to conduct conversations with native speakers about abstract ideas, and write at a college level. The first week or week and a half the instructor helps students to review and feel comfortable at the same level of ability. Then it's full speed ahead, using all your available energy to master Arabic so that it is a facil tool at your disposal.

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General Information

Intensive classes meet for a total of 96 hours, 3 hours per day, 4 days per week for 8 weeks. It is a full-time course of study with homework and exercises to do outside of class. The cost is $2,250.

The classroom is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the heart of the Boston-area universities.

If you plan to travel to study with us, and need help with accomodations, please let us know.